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[GM] Razgrom

TG Enchants

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1. Inside Rebel Base, talk to Hogar /navi rebel_in 90/40 )


2. Robe enchants:

The Agenda Robe [1] 15163.pngor Consultation Robe [1] 15163.png  can be enchanted twice as well. Both enchants can be any of the Neeves listed below.

  • Enchanting the Robes costs 20 x  25155.png and has no chance to break.
  • Resetting the enchantment costs 10 x  25155.png and has no chance to break. You can only reset a fully enchanted robe.



Enchants Slot 3,4
Neev of Might 4994.pngNeev of Might Lv 1

4995.pngNeev of Might Lv 2

4996.pngNeev of Might Lv 3

Neev of Agile 4997.pngNeev of Agile Lv 1

4998.pngNeev of Agile Lv 2

4999.pngNeev of Agile Lv 3

Neev of Vitality 29009.pngNeev of Vilatily Lv 1

29010.pngNeev of Vitality Lv 2

29011.pngNeev of Vitality Lv 3

Neev of Intellect 29000.pngNeev of Intellect Lv 1

29001.pngNeev of Intellect Lv 2

29002.pngNeev of Intellect Lv 3

Neev of Dexterity 29003.pngNeev of Dexterity Lv 1

29004.pngNeev of Dexterity Lv 2

29005.pngNeev of Dexterity Lv 3

Neev of Luck 29006.pngNeev of Luck Lv 1

29007.pngNeev of Luck Lv 2

29008.pngNeev of Luck Lv 3


3. Accessory enchants:

The Mercenary Ring Type A  28425.png or  Mercenary Ring Type B  28425.pngcan be enchanted twice. Both enchants can be any stats varying from +1 to +2.

  • Enchanting the ring 28425.png costs x 25155.pngand has no chance to break.
  • Resetting the enchantment costs 10 x 25155.pngand has a 20% chance of destroying the item.

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