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About Us

Think you will be interested to know how the idea to make this project came about.

Long ago, when Ragnarok first appeared, the community from around the world began to play and watch the project. Soon there were modified projects and people were divided into two camps, someone remains on the official server, and someone on the new modifications. By that time, the official servers in our country (Russia) could not withstand the load of 6-7 thousand people, and delays were from 3-5 seconds, so we decided to try projects with modifications that people liked much more. Years passed, Ragnarok actively changed, many servers flowed into something global and people are attracted.

I was very young at the time. This game lay in the soul and became my favorite project in the world of games. Of course I wanted to open my own server. At that time I knew the game world by heart and understood what you can interest people, but I was faced with a problem, namely the implementation of the project as a whole. There were many tasks and they needed to be actively worked out. Their effort was not enough and had something to think about. I decided to ask my good friends to organize a team and create my own project. From this moment the main team of people begins to be formed. The day came when the development began. Work was in full swing, but at some point everything froze. The project never opened and was frozen. Years passed, we grew up, Ragnarok has long gone ahead. Family, work, things, did not allow us to go back and do something for which we all gathered. The year 2017 has come. I could not sleep well because the goal we set - was not achieved. Having again gathered the old team, we resumed work. There were a lot of ideas in development, every day new, new and new... At what point just had to stop and start the project. It is on this note that I am pleased to inform you that the WorldTreeRo project will soon be launched, starting episode 16.1.

All our ideas and updates, we will implement for You. Our main task is to return the sake of what everyone played this game. I will reveal for You the most important thing, our team has prepared a very important component without which players feel inferior-eSports League + updated content. You probably think that this is another joke, but it was not there. Each player wants not only to play and enjoy PVP or PVE content, but also to show their individual skills to the entire gaming community. It's no secret that there are RWC tournaments and they are very popular. And what if I tell You that our team is ready to go to this level, but for the victory You will not get candy, but real prize money, I think I intrigued you and will stop at this. The overall concept for the project will be classic with episode updates. The balance is arranged in such a way that each profession can defeat the other. And the last - do not forget about the team game and the sake of what everyone plays in MMO.

See you on the project, WTR team.