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This page includes all the links that will help you to fully enjoy the game, understand all the features and mechanics of the game, choose the best equipment for your characters and become a top player in pvp, pve, or both.
Most importantly, all the information provided is constantly updated and refers specifically to our server.

Server Information & Links
Server Features
You can find all information about the server and our team, our policy and server rules at the links below. Our server has a number of distinctive features, such as anti-bot and etc., which you can find on the links below.
About Us
Server Rules
Privacy Policy
Register Account
Server Info
Server Status
Event Calendar
Antibot System
Costume System
Card Exchanger
Reset Stats/Skills
Account credits
Cash Shop points
WTR Lore
Into & Renewal Mechanics
Additional Links
This section contains all the information on the Reneval ingame mechanics, including a short guide on leveling up. All additional information on the server, including additional useful links are in this section
Introduction / Get Start
In Game Elements relationship
Renewal Dynamic Rate System
Renewal Refinement System
Pet System
Hit and flee mechanic
Clan System
Leveling Up
Donate Shop
In Game Vending
In Game Buyingstore
Server Commands
WTR Services
WTR Ranking
Job Branchs & Skills
Game Content
Mobs, Items, Maps, NPC
The links below will give you a complete picture of the professions, their brunches and their skills. Information about game content will help you move up in the top, open access to new locations and new items In our database you will find all the information about monsters, items, a map, and so on in relation to our server.
Job Branchs
Additional Instances
Hero Trails
Town Quests
Crafting Quests
Map Viewing
NPC Viewing