Pet System

As our project is updated, this theme is also updated! (FULL list of actual Pet you can see in our database)

In our project, a special command was introduced to track the characteristics of the pet: @petinfo

  • 1. In order to tame a pet, you need to knock out the desired item, see the table below. ( Some items can be obtained exclusively from the Taming Gift Set2 at the cash shop).
  • 2. After taming, an egg will appear in your inventory. In order for a pet to be born, use an Pet Incubator, you can buy it from the NPC.
  • 3. To open the pets menu, use the Alt + J key combination.
  • What you can do:

    • Feed your pet (do not overfeed your pet, otherwise you will lose intimacy!) Note: keep the balance from 50~100
    • Rename your pet, only 1 time!
    • Dress up your pet (The item is sold by an NPC or falls from monsters, it also falls out of the boxes Old Blue Box / Old Purple Box or cash shop)
    • Play with your pet, if possible (not all pets have this opportunity)
    • Make a pet evolution (only in loyal status)
    • Enable automatic feeding
    • Return to egg status
  • 4. Watch your pet very carefully, especially for the new generation! They are very voracious and require attention. If you forget about your pet, you will lose it.
  • 5. Each pet is special and has its own characteristics and feeding scale. Therefore, the state of intimacy will take place in different ways.


  • 1. Intimacy status:
    • Awkward: 0 - 100 (be careful! The pet will soon run away from a master like you!)
    • Shy: 101 - 250
    • Average (Neutral): 251 - 750
    • Cordial: 751 - 900
    • Loyal: 901 - 1000
  • 2. Pet intimacy does NOT go down when the pet is returned to its egg form.
  • 3. Only pets that have been evolved can get automatic feeding status! See the table below.

  • FULL list of actual Pet you can see in our database

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