Marriage System


1. Base Level >= 45

2. You or your Spouse-To-Be must not be Adopted ("Baby" character)

3. You will also need:

*note - additional store added to the church.


1. Talk to Wedding Staff.
  • - Enter your name

2. Then talk to Bishop.
  • - The groom must enter the bride`s name.

*note - if you make a mistake in the name, then after a couple of minutes you can start preparing again. This will be written in the chat.

3. If you did everything right, then congratulations!
  • - Afterwards, you both will be in your formal wear, and won`t be able to attack or use skills for an hour.
  • - You will also receive wedding rings, with which you can use various skills in the future.


1. Parents and the future child should be in the same group.

2. The parents should wear the ring.

3. Use cmd @adopt + nickname player (future child).

4. Character who is adopted will receive restrictions:
  • Child`s HP and SP are only 75% of Max HP and Max SP.
  • Adopted characters cannot increase a stat past 80 base or 117 base if 3rd job.
  • Carrying capacity of adopted characters are lowered by 1200 compared to a normal character.
  • Adopted characters cannot Rebirth/Transcend (but can change to their respective Third Class upon reaching 99/50, missing out on Transcendent skills and the additional status points)
  • Adopted Blacksmiths` and Alchemists` Forge and Brewing skills rates are decreased by 50%.

  • You can only have one child. If you divorce, the bond with the child will still remain.
  • 1 character can only be adopted 1 time.
  • As for sharing the experience, it is not necessary for one of the parents to die. There is a @noexp command.


1. Let`s go Niflheim.

2. You must have 2 500 000 z.

3. Talk to Deviruchi.

  • - If you get married again, then do not forget that you will not be able to adopt a child.
  • - If you divorce, the bond with the child will still remain.