Server Rules

1. Punishments

1.1. All, that concerns RMT in game, on forum or you will have been seen on other sites: ban

1.2 Advertisements in any the form of: ban

1.3. Interfering with gameplay during WOE (interference of passage to the lock; invisible emblems): lock for 1 month

1.4. Using third-party soft: ban

1.5. The use glitchs without reporting them to the administration (and also those who was in team of the violator): Gile from 1 to 12 months.

1.6. Steal or scamming other players for in-game items, accounts: ban all accounts who participated.

1.7. All items that you have sold NPC or thrown out of the inventory: Be careful, not considered!

1.8 Don't give your account to others: will block all the accounts involved in this offense!

1.9. Impersonating administration: ban

1.10. Check on the bot: If you do not pass the test, you get into the Gail. Otherwise, you can get out.

1.11. The lock NPC: Gile for a month

1.12. Obstacle gameplay: weekly account lockout *

1.13. On the forum to keep order! For profanity, blocking from 1 week to a month! Everything about the game swearing: chats, discord, skype and so on - it is Your personal trial, and all that is said in General chat and will interfere with the players, shall be punished with a mut for a week.

* It is forbidden to block the path when crossing locations

2. The purchase of game values

2.1. Payment issues are resolved through feedback (account > support).

2.2. All donations made by the donater are voluntary, gratuitous without coercion and are not refundable. To donate does not require anyone's permission or consent. The donation is the purchase of game values on the project worldtreero.com. In turn, the project Administration provides donater online service to purchase game items in the game store project worldtreero.com

3. Treatment users

All requests are considered through (Account > Service Desk) in your account, by creating a ticket (Open a new Ticket) in the period from 1 to 7 days.

4. Promotions

If you find a serious bug affecting the gameplay, then immediately inform the administration through the ticket system Account > Service Desk (we encourage any desire of active users who help us improve the gameplay for You).

5. Server crashes

If you have lost an item due to a server crash. Take screenshots, after which you can contact to the administration. Each situation will be considered individually.

WTR reserves the right to change general rules this at any time by notifying registered users via email of the existence of a new general rules, providing a pop-up notice on the Services, posting the new general rules on the websites, or any other notification method. All changes to the general rules will be effective when posted, and your continued use of any of the Services after the posting will constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes.