Default AutoBuy system.

Players must have one of item they are seeking to purchase already in their inventory.

You can autobuy loot from monsters without equipment and CS/S items. If suddenly something does not see the license, then the item is not in our database, make a list of useful things that we will add.

  • 1) Shop name
  • 2) The number of items that a person can sell you at a time.
  • 3) Price for 1 item.
  • 4) Items that the license sees and can be bought up.
  • 5) Limit your money to buy.

*note - additional store added to the church.

For all classes ( 2 slots):

- Lets go to Morroc and talk to Black Marketeer.

To start buying, get Shabby Purchase Street Stall License to create Purchase Shops.

For merchants ( 4 slots):

- Lets go Alberta and talk to Purchasing Team. You must have learned Vending skills.

To start buying, get Buy Market Permit

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