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Item ID# 25668 Broken Weapon ()
Equippable Jobs All jobs
Job Classes All classes
Description Item ID: 25668
Weapon that is damaged enough to recognize its form.
You can`t fix it unless you have a lot of technical skills.
Weight: 1
Monster Name Drop Chance HP Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
20340 EL-A17T 5% (7.5% VIP) 16,412,000 118 Formless Level 3 Neutral
20346 Miguel 5% (7.5% VIP) 8,600,000 115 Demihuman Level 4 Wind
Item Class Etc.
Sell price 399
Buy price 798
Weight 1
Additional Bonuses
  • Can be dropped by player: true
  • Can be traded to another player: true
  • Can be traded to partner: true
  • Can be sold to NPC: true
  • Can be placed in Cart: true
  • Can be placed in storage: true
  • Can be placed in guild storage: true
  • Can be send via mail: true
  • Can be sold as an auction: true