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Item ID# 6241 HD Elunium (HD_Elunium)
Equippable Jobs None
Job Classes None
Item ID: 6241
A High Density Elunium that has been buried deep underground.
Used as a material to strengthen armor currently from Refine Levels 7 through 9.
This item`s density ensures that Refine attempts will not break the armor and if the attempt fails it will only downgrade by 1.
Only a Blacksmith named Mighty Hammer can use this ore to Refine.
Type: Forging material
Weight: 1
Monster Name Drop Chance HP Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
3091 Brinaranea 30% (45% VIP) 81,650,000 165 Demon Level 3 Water
3092 Muspellskoll 30% (45% VIP) 55,620,000 165 Demon Level 3 Fire
3473 MVP! Stefan J.E Wolf Main 30% (45% VIP) 20,000,000 160 Undead Level 1 Undead
Item Class Etc
Buy price 20
Cash Shop price 80
Weight 1
  • Can be dropped by player: false
  • Can be traded to another player: false
  • Can be traded to partner: true
  • Can be sold to NPC: false
  • Can be placed in Cart: false
  • Can be placed in storage: true
  • Can be placed in guild storage: false
  • Can be send via mail: false
  • Can be sold as an auction: false