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Basic Skill (Skill ID#1 / NV_BASIC)
Max Level 9 Can select no Source
Skill form Passive Skill type Skill Target
Description Max Level: 9
Skill Form: Passive
Description: Enables the use of Basic
Interface Skills.

[Lv 1]: Enables Trading
Allows the trading of items with other
Right click on a character to initiate.
[Lv 2]: Enables Emotions
Alt+(0~9) and Ctrl+(1,-,=.)
Alt+L opens additional Emotion icons.

[Lv 3]: Enables Sitting
Sitting doubles HP and SP regen speed.
Press the Insert key or type /sit.
[Lv 4]: Enables Chat Room Creation
Alt+C to open a Chat Room or click the
Chat button in the Basic Information

[Lv 5]: Join a Party
Character can join a party.
[Lv 6]: Enables Use of Kafra Storage
Allows use of Kafra Storage.
[Lv 7]: Organize a Party
Create a party by typing
/organize ``Party Name``
Set party options in the Party Window (Alt+Z).

[Lv 9]: Enables Change to First Job Class
Qualifies character for change from
Novice to one of the First classes.

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