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Warp Portal (Skill ID#27 / AL_WARP)
Max Level 4 Can select no Source
Skill form Supportive Skill type Magical Skill Target Ground
Description Max Level: 4
Requirement: Teleport 2
Skill Form: Supportive
Target: Ground
Description: Creates a Warp Portal that
will teleport those who enter it to
another area. Each Warp Portal can
teleport up to 8 people.
Each cast requires 1 Blue Gemstone.
[Lv 1]: Warp to Save Point
[Lv 2]: Enable 1 Memo point
[Lv 3]: Enable 2 Memo points
[Lv 4]: Enable 3 Memo points
[Memo Point]: Specific map area
memorized as a destination for a Warp
/memo in a target area to set
location as a Memo Point.

Requirements Teleport Lv 2;
Other Notes
SP 35 32 29 26
Range 9 9 9 9