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Full Throttle (Skill ID#5014 / ALL_FULL_THROTTLE)
Max Level 5 Can select yes Source
Skill form Active / Buff Skill type Supportive Skill Target Caster
Description Max Level: 5
Description: Exceed the limits of the body
by sacrificing your own vitality to
stregthen yourself for a short time. You
will become horribly exhausted after the
skill`s duration. Fully restores HP when
casted, All stats +20% and increases
movement speed for the skill`s duration.
After the Skill duration ends, you will be
inflicted with `Rebound` status. During
`rebound status`, your movement speed is
lowered and your natural HP/SP recovery
is disabled.
Cannot be removed by Dispell.
[Lv 1]: Duration 10 sec, 6% HP|SP drained/sec
[Lv 2]: Duration 15 sec, 4% HP|SP drained/sec
[Lv 3]: Duration 20 sec, 3% HP|SP drained/sec
[Lv 4]: Duration 25 sec, 2% HP|SP drained/sec
[Lv 5]: Duration 30 sec, 1% HP|SP drained/sec
Other Notes
SP 1 1 1 1 1
Range 1 0 0 0 0