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Lope (Skill ID#5023 / SU_LOPE)
Max Level 3 Can select no Source
Skill form Active Skill type Supportive Skill Target Ground
Description Max Level: 3
Requirement: Stoop 1
Skill Form: Active
Type: Supportive
Target: Ground
Description: Moves to another position
by performing a high jump. When
targeting an impassable cell, the
character will land on the closest
moveable forward cell. This skill can
not be used on maps where fly wings
are disabled. When this skill is
learned, the cast time and reuse delay
of the guild skill Emergency Call

[Lv 1] Move 6 cells
[Lv 2] Move 10 cells
[Lv 3] Move 14 cells
Requirements Stoop Lv 1;
Other Notes
SP 30 30 30
Range 6 10 14