Episode 16.2 Heart Hunter War Base


Monster Sprite Name Level HP Race Element Size Base Exp Job Exp Card
MVP! Heart Hunter Ebel 110 2,800,000 Demihuman Level 2 Shadow Medium 8000000 4000000 Item ID: 27151
Random chance to inflict Freezing status on attacker when receiving physical attacks.
Base INT at least 110:
Further increases the chance.
Type: Card
Compound on: Armor
Weight: 1


1. To get to the Heart Hunter War Base, we need to move north Enbroch (/navi ein_fild04 281/333). Talk to Julian.

2. Then talk to Striker Unit Commander

3. When you get to the Heart Hunter War Base follow the Julian.

4. Defeat all monsters to get into the next zone.

5. In the second zone, you also need to kill all the monsters.

6. In the third zone you need activate the mechanism and finish off the last waves of monsters.
- Be very careful if you walk near the mechanisms, otherwise you will receive fatal damage.

7. At the last zone you need to test the power of Heart Hunter Ebel