Episode 17.1 Appear, Illusion! Cor Mission Instance


Monster Sprite Name Level HP Race Element Size Base Exp Job Exp Card
EL-A17T 118 17m Formless Level 3 Neutral Large 27m 23m Item ID: 27305
Random chance to autocast Level 3 Hell Inferno when dealing melee physical attacks.
Type: Card
Compound on: Accessory
Weight: 1


Quest Prerequisite(s): illusion (main), step 60.

*note - you can create an instance one day after completing the main quest.

1. Talk to Rebellion to creare instances.

2. Once inside the instance, talk to Elena to begin the instances. There would be 4 marks on the minimap that have bombs in them.

3. When you arrived at 1 of the boxes, click it and clear all enemies that spawned, then talk to the NPC beside it.

4. When the old markings are replaced with the new one, go there and talk to Elyumina. Portal will open to the boss fight.

5. Kill the boss and talk to Elena. As a reward, you will receive 1x Cor Core and 5x Mysterious Component.