Episode 17.1 Appear Illusion! Os Mission Instance


Monster Sprite Name Level HP Race Element Size Base Exp Job Exp Card
Miguel 115 9m Demihuman Level 4 Wind Medium 12m 9m Item ID: 27318
Increases Critical Damage by 20%.
Increases damage taken from all races by 10%.
Type: Card
Compound on: Footgear
Weight: 1


Quest Prerequisite(s): illusion (main), step 44.

*note - you can create an instance one day after completing the main quest.

1. Talk to Operation Officer to create instances.

2. Follow the map and kill waves of monsters.

*note - don`t go to restricted areas - they will kill you immediately.

3. After killing the boss, talk to Operation Officer. As a reward, you will receive 1x Cor Core and 5x Mysterious Component + EXP.