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On our project to calculate the cost we use a special currency "credits".

1.50 RUB = 1 credit(s).

60.00 RUB

Items in this shop are purchased using credits and not real money. Credits are rewarded to players who make a donation to our server, helping us cover the costs of maintaining and running the server.

WTR Item Shop

Category: Armors

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There are currently no items for sale.

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VIP Status

Contain: 30 days of VIP status. Base and Job experience increase rates x1.5. Item Drop increased rates x1.5. Storage limit increased 600. Characters per account increased with unique VIP slot +4. Reduced healer time to 2 minutes.

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350 credits.

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2x VIP Status

Contain: 60 days of VIP status.

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675 credits.

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3x VIP Status

Contain: 90 days of VIP status.

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999 credits.

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6x Cash Points

You must be offline! Exchange 600 Credits for 600 Cash Points in game.

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600 credits.

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3x Cash Points

Exchange 300 Credits for 300 Cash Points in game.

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300 credits.

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Cash Points

Exchange 100 Credits for 100 Cash Points in game.

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100 credits.

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