Episode 17.1 Appear, Explore Sealed Os (Main Quest)

1. Talk to Ashley, to allow you to enter the big door.

2. After entering the door, clear all enemies.

3. When those enemy are gone, click on door above a trigger a cutscene. After cutscene talk to NPC, to have the door open for you.

4. Next step to clear those deadly poisonous gas.

5. After killing all deadly poisonous gas, go to the door on the west and talk to Erst here.

6. Erst tell you to input numbers in the particle on the left side with the passcode: 0315.

7. Use a passcode

8. After the cutscene, go to the south-easternmost part of the map and kill all deadly poisonous gas.

9. After killing all enemies, enter all 4 rooms.

10. After talk to all NPCs, return to Ashley. After talking go to the central room.

11. Click the particles in the door for them to appear.

12. After short cutscene, talk to Ashley to continue.

13. After the cutscene, talk to Ashley again to enter the final room.

14. When enter, walk near the monster. After a message, you will need push the buttons.

15. After defeating the boss, Ashley appear. Instance complete!