Episode 17.1 Appear, Illusion! Explore Sealed Os (Main Quest)

1. When you enter, talk to Ridsh to start.

2. After conservation kill 2 monsters are agressive to you.

3. After they are killed, there is a particle appeared at the right and "Crush it".

4. After clicking the particle, go follow the railway.Talk to Dien, then Device, then again Dien.

5. There is a 3x particles appeared at the right and "Crush it".

6. After destroy them, go back to the blocked railway and continue to follow it. Then talk to Dien, after which the transition to the next point will be available.

7. Talk to Ridsh. Then find an opening to follow the railway again. Along the way, you will see devices that activate a trigger and summon monsters. Destroy the monsters and continue to follow to the specified point.

8. Now we reached the end of railway. Talk to Dien, to finish the instances. As a reward, you will receive 25x Mysterious Component