Server Features.

1. AntiBot System (Forum link).

  • The system checks you all the time randomly. During the login process, as well as in the process of killing monsters.
  • You have 5 attempts and 90 seconds to complete the task.
  • If you fail the task, You go to jail for 10 minutes. Where you will have another try. If this fails, you will be disconnected from the system.
  • When you log in again, you will have another attempt, and if it fails again, you will have to wait for the administrator.

2. Costume System (Forum link).

  • You can buy costumes in our cash shop for event points or donation. You can get acquainted with the appearance of the costumes on the forum.
  • However, there are also special costumes that you can get from certain bosses. Full list of MVP whis Costumes you can find on our forum.
  • Malangdo Costume and Enchants. All information about the Malangdo Costume System you can get on our forum

3. WTR Warper (Forum link).

Through the warper you can get into any cities and market places or fields near cities. Teleport to dungeons is only available to the first level with a quest item check or a corresponding quest check.

  • For characters below 100 level, warp to the dungeon is free.
  • For characters whose level is equal to or higher than 100 level, warp to dungeons cost 25k zeny.
  • Also you can use Silvervine Cat Fruit to move around the game world.

Additional check for warp.

4. Card Exchanger (Forum link).

Now you can exchange your cards for special coins, which you can then exchange for Old Card Album or Mystical Card Album

Location: WTR Shops / Vending Zone

5. Reset Stats/Skills (Forum link).

  • For the first classes and expanded to level 50 - free.
  • For all classes, for the game currency zeny.

6. Account credits (Forum link).

After replenishing the balance, click the Shop tab and choose the product we are interested in.
Additional services have also appeared Shop -> Services

7. Cash Shop Points (Forum link).

1) Cash points available for events or exchange donations credits for cash.

2) Cash points can be spent on the purchase of consumables or headgears.

8. WTR Lore (Forum link).

A big story about god Modi that will be updated, have a nice day!