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  1. Quest Prerequisite(s): Main 1. Talk to Rensij ( /navi ba_pw02 42/267 ) 2. Talk to Need ( /navi ba_maison 169/270 ) 3. Talk to Seiyu ( /navi ba_maison 239/47 ) 4. Talk to Harard 5. After you've killed a Silva Papilia, talk to Seiyu 6. Talk to Elyumina and receive 20 x Barmeal Tickets Now you can create Water Garden Instances ( 130+ Lvl Normal mode / 180+ Lvl Hard mode ) and take [Daily] Hunt Papilia and Gardener's Location. Water Garden: - First stage: Talk to NPC You need to clear the monsters, but be careful, after a while you will be teleported to random points, and butterflies will appear on the water lilies, which will use meteorite. - Second stage: Talk to NPC You need to clear the monsters, but be careful, after a while, butterflies (red and blue) will appear on random cells, which will use special earth magic. - Third stage: Talk to NPC Destroy the monsters and talk to the NPC at the end - Fourth stage: Inside the maze, you will need to find and kill 2 butterflies (red and blue) If you have daily quests to find NPCs, then the NPC will be right here - Final stage: Talk to NPC After the conversation, the boss and two butterflies (red and blue) will immediately appear. If the butterflies reach the lights of their color or you kill them, then a timer will be activated and you will be teleported outside. Your HP will decrease by 50%, but it will not be able to kill you, at least 1 HP will remain. After a few seconds, the poison trap will start. Your task is to quickly return to the center to the boss. After a while, the butterflies will reappear in the center and follow their lights.
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