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  1. Quest Prerequisite(s): Main 1. Talk to Luina ( /navi ba_maison 311/206 ) !Note - after the conversation, unlock daily quests Playing with Pitayas. 2. Talk to Luina again and then create instances. 3. Inside the Intacnes click on the Wooden Box at the entrance of the instance and kill the Pitaya mobs. 4. Talk to Silk again, kill the mobs, and repeat this until you reach the last area. 5. You should have gotten two mini-map markers, you can go to either one of them. 6. Once you're in the boss room, click on the Wooden Box and the Boss Meow will appear. 7. After the battle, talk to the Silk and get your reward 2/4 ! !Note - Depending on the number of tails collected, you will receive a reward. 8. Talk to Luina again, after the first pass, get 20 more tickets .

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