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  1. Quest Prerequisite(s): Onward to the New World 1. Speak with the Royal Messenger (prontera 121 72) in Prontera to start the quest. He will give you a Banquet(party) Invitation. 2. Go in the Prontera Castle. Upon entering the castle, Chamberlain Bell will ask to follow him. Walk towards the left wing and enter the portal. Keep going forward to enter your room and Chamberlain Bell will be waiting for you inside. 3. Speak with Chamberlain Bell in your room (prt_cas_q 133 8 ), he asks you meet with all the members of the other families. You can always come back to him to know which family you haven't talked to yet. 4. Heines Family: Walk to the room just north of your private room (prt_cas_q 133 32). Talk to Kronecker. 5. Leave the room and walk a bit north. Nyhill and Skia will start a conversation about being the shadow of Peter and the Heine family. (around prt_cas_q 142 37) 6. Nerius Family: Travel north to the next room (prt_cas_q 133 56) in the west corridor and find Spica Nerius. Led by women, the Nerius family is not interested in the throne. Erich is the candidate and is hanging out in the banquet hall. 7. Walther Family: Walk to the furthest room (prt_cas_q 133 80) in the west corridor and talk to Ian Walther twice and then if you want to get sidequest talk to Isenhonor Walther. Walther Sidequest: The secret letter is available now. 8. Wigner Family: Walk back to the red carpet at the entrance and go east instead this time (prt_cas_q 150 119). Talk to Levuiere Wigner and Catherine Wigner. Talk to Jurgen Wigner. Wigner Sidequest: The Maid and the Jewelry Box is available now. 9. Richard Family: Travel to the second room and speak with Butler for the Richards (prt_cas_q 150 143). Talk to Bulter. Talk to Po Richard. If you want to do some monster-hunting sidequest choose i'll try. Butler help you with quest. - there will be a task to kill level 140+ monsters. 10. Geoborg Family: Walk north to the middle room in the east corridor and you'll be stopped by the two bodyguards and the Queen will let you pass (prt_cas_q 150 167). Talk to Queen. Geoborg Sidequest: Ernest's Secret is available now. 11. Roegenburg Family: Travel to the last room in the east corridor and talk to Maximilian Roegenburg (prt_cas_q 150 191). Rougenbourg Sidequest: Wolf and Isaac's Dealings is available now. 12. Return to your private room and speak with Chamberlain Bell to receive 10 x Honor Token ,1 500 000 Base Exp + 1 500 000 Job Exp. 13. Proceed to the Banquet Hall at the end of the red carpet. You'll overhear a conversation with two NPCs that pop up outside Nyhill's room (prt_cas 177 163). If the NPC does not appear, go around this point (prt_cas 177 163).You can also go to the banquet room, chat with the Nerius family and get back to point (prt_cas 177 163). 14. Once in the Banquet Hall, walk to the foot of the stairs on the right and speak with Skia Nerius or Spica Nerius (prt_cas 104 240). Complicated royal things are discussed as Violeta appears. 15. Nyhill becomes mysteriously drunk off of very light champagne and returns to his room. Follow him. You'll overhear a conversation with two NPCs that pop up outside Nyhill's room (prt_cas 180 163). If the NPC does not appear, go around this point (prt_cas 180 163).You can also go to the banquet room, chat with the Nerius family and get back to point (prt_cas 180 163). You hear that they drugged Nyhill Then Skia Nerius appears and the two disappear. 16. Go inside Nyhill's room and walk around the entrance until Skia and Nyhill appear. Listen to their conversation. 17. Return to your private room and talk with Belle. The Court Mage Nillem will appear and then transport you to the Room of Consciousness. ~ Ritual of Blessing Instance 18.Talk to Mage Nillem 19. Talk to Skia and Nyhill at the spawn point and they tell you to sit next to Po Richard and behind Ernst Geoborg. Walk at (106 77) to initiate the ceremony. 20. An intruder comes in, attacks Peter, and demands the Ymir's Heart. Then spawns 3 very weak monsters. - Nyhill will heal you for 9999 and give you Kyrie Eleison if you walk near him. 21. Once all are defeated, talk to Kronecker G. Heine at the altar. He'll send all the families away (if you hadn't already talked to them). ~ After the Ritual 22. Once outside the instance, talk to Ian Walther. They suspect that you are involved. Terra Gloria and the Star of Blessing was stolen. Nyhill eventually confesses to telling someone about the ritual while he was drunk earlier. 23. Talk to Mage Nillem 24. Talk to Lindt the Librarian and see that there are magical blank pages in the book. 25. Talk to Mage Nillem again as he discovers some magic like the Dimensional Crack. 26. You're told to talk to Guardian Knight to leave by Nillem. 27. After being transported to the prison, talk with Overwatcher Terketh to be let out. 28. Return to your private room and talk to Chamberlain Bell to find a message for you. The Nerius family wanting you to visit. - i'll visit her now 29. Go north to the third room in the west corridor and talk to Spica Nerius (who is actually Skia in disguise). You can only talk to her when she is the only NPC in the room. If the other two are in there, you'll have to wait/make them disappear. 30. Enter the room immediately south (the Heine's) and talk to Kronecker G. Heine, receive 20 x Honor Token , 2 000 000 Base Exp + 2 000 000 Job Exp. Access to Request from Chief Guard repeatable quest. 31. Return to Bell. 32. Talk to Court Mage Nillem. Now he can teleport you to the past. 33. Lets go to the Room of Consciousness 34. After the first pass "The Room of Consciousness" you will need to talk to the Kronecker G. Heine to complete the history. Receive 30 x Honor Token , 4 000 000 Base Exp + 4 000 000 Job Exp. - Lets go to the left side, there will be a warp. *note - in order to get to the past, you need to take a DQ "The Room of Consciousness Instance". It is also better to perform it immediately, so that there are no problems later.

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