Episode 17.1 Appear, Illusion! Explore Os Mission (Main Quest)

1. Once inside the instance, you will split into groups. Fend off enemies and report the situation.

Note: as soon as a blue light appears around the NPC, report the situation.

2. 1st report

3. 2d report

4. 3d report and after which the navigator will become available to you, follow it.

5. After you have come to the next point, talk to the NPC.

6. After that, continue moving along the navigator, clearing monsters and passing near the point markers (blue lights)

7. Once you reach the final point you will have a boss fight. Be careful!

8. Talk to Erst, and then talk again. As a reward, you will receive 5x Cor Core + 1x Broken Weapon.

After, you have unlocked the daily instance, (link Os Mission).