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    Greetings to all adventurers! For us, this is a very important date. Our team wants to say thank you to all the players who take part in our project and help to become better! What to expect from our project in the future? It's in our interests to develop quality updates similar to Korean servers. Today, if you have a lot of money, you can buy anything, even 4 classes and 19 episodes, but no one is responsible for the quality of these works. This is a very lengthy process. Today the main task of our team is to develop a server with 3 classes. - We have been testing our project for a very long time. Almost 2 years have passed and we all continue to improve it. To date, we have fixed a huge number of errors and bugs. Project Goals: - Episode 17.2 ( in the coming months ) - Correct balance for 3 classes, formulas are fully used with Korean updates. - Correct pvp rebalance ( in the coming months ) - New Unique mechanics and ***Unique achievements ( after rebooted! ) - Finalization of current updates, new events, new content, etc. ( in the coming months ) Very soon all our goals will be achieved. **Unique mechanics: For our part, we have worked out the mechanics, which implies an active **RMT system for all players. The withdrawal will be available in the personal panel of the account. ***Unique achievements: Rewards for players who will be among the first to complete the task! Closer to winter we are planning a global release. The server will be completely *rebooted! *Note - Old players with the role ( Old poring / King poring / Streamer ) will receive a bonus. Follow the news!
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