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    Greetings to all adventurers! What's new in this patch? I think everyone has been waiting for this update for a long time.... We spent a lot of time debugging this episode... 1. Episode update to 17.2 All game mechanics have been worked out. All new NPCs are taken into account. OCA / MCA has been updated 2. The following skills have been fixed and now working correctly: Kihop - Full rework Aimed Bolt - Fixed '@Errith' Rampage Blaster - Fixed Ride in Lightning - Fixed Striking - Fixed Fire Wall - Fixed Brandish Spear - Fixed Soul Division - Fixed - Descriptions have been updated for many skills. - Many icons have also been updated and new ones have been added. 3. New UI Upgrade / Synthesis system was installed on the project. Now you can upgrade items much faster. During the base update process, additional NPCs will be disabled, and only the main KRO NPCs will remain. - The synthesis system works with the same user interface, we will soon implement it and you will be able to see it in active work. 4. A barter system has been introduced, all old stores will be updated soon. 5. Added a new NPC to the WTR zone. It will help clear the kafra and convert old tokens into new ones. Now all the episodes have become more relevant. 6. Guild emblems have been disabled for the duration of the update, they will now work again, and you can also choose a gif of the emblem. 7. The databases are in the process of being upgraded all the time. We replace all old information with more up-to-date information as far as possible. Old monsters have become much stronger, after the update you will feel it in the game. 8. Cash Shop updated, replenishment with new items. 9. Damage modification rework: Updated calculation of physical damage (card modifier and bonus system). Now it is taken into account more correctly, after the patch you will notice the difference. Balance will be updated later for pvp and gvg locations. 10. Some pets have been updated (Damage modification rework). 11. Portals in cities have been expanded, there are more kafras in new locations. Part of the updates will be published later in this thread. Well, as I said earlier, you will see the main global update that we are preparing before the release. Thank you for staying with us, see you at the project, WTR Team. Date and time of the update: 03.09.2022 Work in progress: New events. New dungeons. Rework PvP system.
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    The structure of the site has been updated, it is better to look at all the information through the site, and if it doesn’t work out, then look at the forum later.
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