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  1. Added new command @mobinfo2 - shows information about monster example: @mobinfo2 1001
  2. Episode 12Sealed Shrine Quest (75+ LvL, 12h cd)Endless Tower Episode 13.1/13.2Nidhoggur's Nest (3d cooldown period) (70+LvL) Episode 14.1Hazy Forest (99+ LvL) Episode 14.3Nightmarish Jitterbug (120+ LvL)Isle of Bios (23h) (160+ LvL)Morse's Cave (160+ LvL)Temple of Demon God (160+ LvL) Episode 15.1 / 15.2Charleston Crisis Instance (130+)Central Laboratory Instance (135+ Lvl)Last Room Instance (23h)(150Lvl) Episode 16.1The Room of Consciousness InstanceSky Fortress Instance(145+ Lvl, 3d cd) Episode 16.2TG Daily Central Room Instance.TG Daily Heart Hunter War Base Instance Episode 17.1Cor Mission (Instances)(24h cd)(110+ Lvl)Os Mission ( Instances)(24h cd)(110+ Lvl) Episode 17.2Hey, Sweety! (Instances)(24h cd)(130+ Lvl)Lost Farm of Time (Instances)(24h cd)(130+ Lvl)(Party+)Secret flower garden(Instances)(24h cd)(130/180 Lvl) Water Garden (Instances)(24h cd)(130/180 Lvl) Hero's Trail Wolfchev's Laborator Geffen Magic Tournament Part 2 (90+ LvL) Sara's Memory Part 1 (99+ LvL) Ghost Palace Part 2 (120+ LvL) Assault on Airship Part 3 (125+ LvL) Devil's Tower Part 2 (130+ Lv). Faceworm's Nest Part 1 (140+ Lvl) Sarah and Fenrir Part 3 (145+ LvL) Additional Instances+Octopus Cave Infinite Space (80+ Lvl, 12h cd) Malangdo Culvert (90-140+ (Hard) LvL)Bangungot Hospital (100+ LvL)Buwaya Cave (130+ LvL) Old Glast Heim (130+ LvL) Bakonawa Lake (140+ LvL) Horror Toy Factory (140+ LvL) Clock Tower Nightmare (150+ LvL)Old Glast Heim Hard (160+ LvL) DungeonsThe bed of Honor / Nightmare Bio5 Abyss Glast Heim (175+ lvl)Nogg Road F3 (175+ lvl)Ancient Odin Temple (180+ Lvl)Einbech Dungeon 3 (180+ Lvl)Abyss Lake Underground Cave F4 (190+ LvL)
  3. Application Form: 1. The essence of the proposal (items, features, events, site update & etc.); 2. What is it for; 3. Attach an OPEN, UNLIMITED poll with the ESSENCE of a sentence with 2 answer options, for example "for / against" or "yes / no", without further ado. Example: 1) PVP tournament 2) Will increase interest in PVP on the server, as well as increase the importance of gear
  4. Bug reporting template: Briefly indicate the problem in the topic title 1. Spell / Quest / Objects / Achievement / NPC with which there is a problem, preferably with a link to the base divine-pride.net or your or korean database 2. Description of what exactly does not work or does not work correctly. 3. How should it work (if possible, with evidence). 4. Date of inspection. 5. How long ago this bug appeared. 6. A way to reproduce a bug, in cases where the bug is inconsistent. 7. Screens, videos that confirm this bug (optional, but be ready to provide at the request of the developer). 8. 1 topic should contain 1 bug report.
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