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[GM] Razgrom

TG Daily Central Room Instance.

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After the main quest, you will have a choice: Pet child or YSF01.

Sprite Monster Description

Medium / Brute / Dark 3

Cutie card 27152.png

Max HP + 10%

Agi + 1,  Aspd + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the compounded item.

Class: Card
Compounds On: Shoes
Weight: 1


Medium / Demi-human / Fire  4


1. Talk to Rookie and and get a new task.


2. Enter the Werner Laboratory and find Rookie.


3. You'll have to active the Security devices on each side of the room. If you pick the wrong answer, you'll have to start over with both devices.

4. Depending on your answer, the story goes further.

Choose the second answer to complete the quest.


5. After defeat Pet child ,report this to Rookie. Receive 3 x Schwartz's Honor Token 25155.png + 1 000 000 Base / Job Exp.




YSF01 Seyren.

You can take a daily quest if you select "About YSF01"

- very strong boss, it is better to immediately move away from the center.

- try to keep him at a distance.

Receive 20 x Schwartz's Honor Token 25155.png  + 20 000 000 Base / Job Exp.



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