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[GM] Razgrom

Secret flower garden(Instances)(24h cd)(130/180 Lvl)

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Quest Prerequisite(s): Main


1. Talk to Flower Garden Manager ( /navi ba_maison 120/319)


2. You will go through an interesting side story after you are given the creation of instances.

3. Here I will not paint the answers to the questions of the NPC, since it is impossible to get confused there. Answer questions and follow the NPCs. At the end of the story you will receive a reward 20 x Barmeal Ticket 1000103.png


Secret Flower Garden:

1. After creating an instance, follow the NPCs and kill the monsters.

2. Repeat the same step until you reach the Security Room.

3. Speak with the Red Pepper to start the boss fight.

!Note - Timer will start immediately after the start of the battle, and after a certain time, 4 monsters (Guardian Part) will appear around the perimeter of the map, each of which enhances the boss's def / mdef. Break them to weaken the boss.


4. After killing the boss, go through the portal and talk to the Red Pepper.

Receive a reward 6 x Barmeal Ticket 1000103.png(Normal) / 12 x Barmeal Ticket 1000103.png ( Hard, usually also 6, but we did more.)

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