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Illusion of Underwater(140+/180+ Lvl)

[GM] Razgrom

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Main Quests

1. Lets go Izlude, find  Gein. The team lost their comrade Sirood and asked you to help find him.


2. Talk to Jerrymon in prontera library.


3. Return to Gein.

4. Deliver the Abyssal Essence 25899.png to Jerrymon.

5. Return to Izlude. Jerrymon will be waiting for us while we go to the Deep Sea.


6. Talk to Jerrymon, he will ask you to help him kill monsters and collect essences.


7. When you help Jerrymon, you can all go to the surface together.




Daily Quests

You can take two quests on the 1st floor (140+) and on the 2d floor (180+).

  • 1st floor Jerrymon
  • 2d floor Kena


Illusion Investigation

2.1 Talk to Lister ( /navi iz_d04_i 127/224 )

The task is to simply kill 100 monsters from that dungeon 2F.





Illusion MVP summoning

  • After killing 1500 monsters on the map, a MVP will appear, 2h cooldown.
  • 1st floor Witch
  • 2d floor Kraken
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