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Illusion of Labyrinth(170+ Lvl)

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Main Quests

1. Lets go Labyrinth Forest 01 ( /navi prt_maze01 97/26 ), find Irene.


2. Talk to Esmeralda ( /navi prontera 213/321 )


3. Talk to Esmeralda in the Labyrinth Forest 01 ( /navi prt_maze01 101/26 )


4. Help us find traces(4) of the missing guild members. Enter the illusory labyrinth through the rift.


5. After collect, report to Esmeralda in the Labyrinth Forest 01

6. Lets go to Labyrinth Forest 01, talk to Andrea


7. Talk to Cecilia to exit the maze. Talk to Esmeralda.






Daily Quests

You can take 8 daily quests from Andrea





Weekly Quest

You can take 1 weekly quest from Anes





Illusion Investigation

2.1 Talk to Terrian ( /navi prt_fild01 131/364 )

The task is to simply kill 100 monsters from that dungeon.






Illusion MVP summoning

  • After killing 1500 monsters on the map, a MVP will appear, 2h cooldown.
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