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[GM] Razgrom

4. Wolfchev's Laboratory

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1. The party leader must speak to Wolfchev.



2. Use the Laboratory Entrance beside Wolfchev to enter.


3. Inside the labratory, a wave of strong Desert Wolves will spawn in the room and must be killed to advance.

4. Once the desert wolves are defeated, the party leader must inspect the Manual Sheet on the ground and turn the valve it mentions in the correct combination it tells the leader. After entering the correct combination, the door to the next room will open.


5. In the second room, a new wave of Desert Wolves will spawn around the room, along with a mob of Baby Desert Wolves from one of the pipes in the edges of the room.

6. In the third room, a mob of Desert Wolves and Baby Desert Wolves will spawn in the top center of the room. Once killed, the party may enter the final room.

7. In the fourth and final room, The instance's boss is 1 of 13 Biolab MVPs. Which MVP will spawn is randomly chosen, and will spawn outside of it's corresponding test tube.


8. After the MVP is defeated, the party can speak to Wolfchev in the top center of the room to leave the instance.

MVP list 3lvl BioLab:

MVP list 4lvl BioLab:



Players who have completed their 13 kill count quests from Dangerous Rumors will receive an item reward upon speaking to Wolfchev.


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