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[GM] Razgrom

Doram equip new monsters

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Level 100

15126.png Exclusive Doram Suit [1] - Heater

20788.png Exclusive Doram Manteau [1] +  1690.png Wondrous Foxtail Wand [2] - Deleter

22083.png Exclusive Doram Shoes [1] - Solider

1694.png Fine Foxtail Model [2] -  Siroma

Level 140

15126.png Luxury Doram Suit [1] - Uni-horn Scaraba

20788.png Luxury Doram Manteau [1] - Rake Scaraba

22083.png Luxury Doram Shoes [1] - Horn Scaraba

1690.png Magic Foxtail Wand [2] + 1694.png Exquisite Foxtail Model [2]  - Combat Basilisk 2

Level 175

15126.pngElegant Doram Suit [1] + 1693.png Magic Yellow Foxtail Wand [1] - Fruits Pom Spider

20788.pngElegant Doram Manteau [1] - Jungle Madragora

22083.pngElegant Doram Shoes [1] + 1697.png Exquisite Yellow Foxtail Model [1] - Combat Basilisk



28380.png Fresh Grass Necklace [1]  - Sting

28380.png Cute Grass Necklace [1] - Stapo

28380.png Charming Grass Necklace [1] - Roween


Everything else remains in default. A lot of weapons and things that go to low levels, see our database on website.


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