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Satan Morroc Quest (80+ LvL)

[GM] Razgrom

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1. Approach any Continental Messenger and he will ask for your help. He can be found at any of the following locations:



2. In Morroc, Talk to the Continental Official (176, 103), and tell him that you want to volunteer.


3. Talk to Chief Balrog in Morroc (159, 113) and tell him that you want to join the Continental Guard. He'll ask you to bring him 30 Live Coal and 50 Glacial Heart.


4. Once you bring him the items, he'll give you a Continental Guard Paper.


5. Exit Morroc to the East. Talk to the Rift Guard there (moc_fild20 348, 179), and than tell Continental Guard that you have to enter the field to investigate. Being in a party of at least two people is required to enter the field.


6. Look for the Group of Evil in the Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild21 171, 227).


7. At this moment, Satan Morroc appears next to him. Once you defeat Satan Morroc (Satan Morroc will announce his defeat with 'I'll let live just a little longer. You'll never find me through this time-space gap!'), the Group of Evil will change to Time-Space Gap. Each party member must click on it to receive Piece of Morocc Skin. Any player who was on the map can receive the skin regardless of whether or not they were in the party that killed Satan Morroc.



8. Return to Morroc to Chief Balrog (159, 113) You will also be rewarded with 1 000 000 Base exp and exchange Piece of Morocc Skin for one of the following accessories of choice:

1. Seal of Continental Guard [1]

2. Rune Spellstone [1]

3. Death Loop [1]


Now you have access to the main Satan Morroc

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