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[GM] Razgrom

1/2 Main.The search for the stolen Terra Gloria (100+ Lv)

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Quest Prerequisite(s): Invitation to Royal Banquet ( you can do it without side quests )


1. In the Prontera Castle use ( /navi prt_cas_q 21/39 ). Talk to Nihel.M Heine.


2. Talk to Spica Nerius


3. Then Talk to Nihel.M Heine. again

4. Lets go to Lighthalzen airport ( /navi lhz_airport 189/39 ), talk to Crux


5. Lets go  to the North side of Lighthalzen ( /navi lighthalzen 185/292 ). Overhear conversation.


6. Talk to Skia ( /navi lighthalzen 185/292 ).


7. Lets go to the slum and find a Man. After you get into the slum, use ( /navi lighthalzen 309/263 )


8. Get back to Prontera Castle and talk to Nihel.M Heine.


9. Lets go to Yuno ( /navi y_airport 168/41 ) and talk to Crux.


10. Lets go to Lighthalzen Hotel ( /navi lhz_in02 238/150 )


11. Lets go Einbroch ( /navi einbroch 236/268 ) and find meet the negotiator Lazy.



12. After you get into Einbech, talk to Lazy ( /navi einbech 46/208  )


13. Next point ( /navi einbech 76/131 )


14. Next point ( /navi einbech 216/82). Enter the invisible door.


15. Talk to Lazy.


16. Inside the base, talk to Lazy again. At this point we will be given a few more quests, but we will start in order.


17. Lets go to 2d floor and talk with Elena Bolkova ( /navi rebel_in 69/78 ). She will challenge you and you must defeat her.

After defeat, you open access to daily quest №1  Daily Quests

Received 10 x Schwartz's Honor Token 25155.png + 1 000 000 Base / Job Exp.


18. Next step, find Rebellion Leader  ( /navi rebel_in 122/71 )

- Talk about cooperation.


19. Enter the portal at ( /navi rebel_in 123/41 )


20. Go ahead and the scene begins.

21. Talk to Dien.


22. Find the Special Forces Commander Erst ( /navi rebel_in 209/84 ).


23. Go back to the Rebellion leader.

24. Give the letter to the Larcis (appears on the right) and ask to read it.

25. Talk to Rebellion leader again.

26. Talk to Dien.

27. Talk to Rebellion leader again. Received 10 x Schwartz's Honor Token 25155.png+ 1 000 000 Base / Job Exp.

28. Talk to Lazy. Received 10 x Schwartz's Honor Token 25155.png+ 5 000 000 Base / 2 500 000 Job Exp.


The first part is over. Part 2.


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