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[GM] Razgrom

Ex. Super novice class quest.

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Once you've reached level 99/99 , it's time to move on...

1) Lets go Aldebaran



2)Talk to Esseray



3) Lets go Comodo. After arriving in Comodo, head north through the portal.


Talk to Fishing Novice:

- Yes, right.


4) Then talk again

Why not?

The test will start, you will need to kill 1000 monsters, which you will choose according to the quest.


5) Аfter completing the quest return to Fishing Novice.

He will continue to test you, so he will ask you what monsters you have killed.


6) Then tap on it until it continues to talk to you. He needs your help.

- Yes, I will.


7) To find his brother, we go to the airport of the city of Yuno

We need the direction of the airship Schwartzwald Republick.



8) After you get on the airship, go down and find his brother.

If you pay 300,000, you get a Undershirt, and if you pay 1,000,000, you get a whole set.



9) Return to Fishing Novice.

Congratulations, now you have a new class! Do not forget to talk to him again and pick up the equipment, if you have paid the proper fee.

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