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[GM] Razgrom

Patch 2.4

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Greetings to all adventurers!

New Year's holidays are ahead, which means it's time to launch events and delight you with updates. It took us a little longer than usual to make this update...

*This update may include several additional updates, they will be published in this branch.


 Events: click




What's new in this patch?

1. First of all, we want to thank our players who report bugs!

The following skills have been fixed and now working correctly:

  • Poem of Bragi 321.png
  • Circle of Nature 2423.png
  • Swing Dance 2350.png
  • Auto Shadow Spell 2286.png


2. The NPC Malangdo "costume enchant" is now updated and you can use the NPC for your needs!


3. The castle donation system has been redesigned:

  •    The Siege Chapter NPC at the top of the cat's hand is removed, and the role of the nearby Gatekeeper NPC is expanded.
  •     You can go to the 1st, 2nd, and Abyss Corridors of each Guild Dungeon using the Gate Manager NPC.
  •     Each dungeon consumes 50,000/100,000/500,000 Zeny.
  •     The Ajit pre-investment content of the Gate Manager NPC is removed.
  •     Guild members who occupy the Ajit can use Gate Manager NPC for free.
  •     The investment audit ticket, the top certificate of the cat's hand will be deleted.
  •     Malangdo thank you ticket vending machine, event manager Namis NPC will be deleted.
  •     The drop list of some monsters in the Abyssal Corridor has been added and changed.



4. The pet database has been updated, move on to new features!


5. New equipment for beginners has been introduced. Have time to get it before we install 17.2 :th_e4:

6. Shop

  • Added new items and lots of costumes.
  • All the old costumes that we used not under the original id remain in the game, but they cannot be enchanted through the malangdo system!  They also received the prefix WTR

7. Now there are even more suits in the MVP .


Work in progress:

  • Episode 17.2.
  • New events.
  • New dungeons.


Date and time of the update:

18.12.2021 22-00

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1. If you are an old player, then just download the updated grf, replace it in your client and run the game through our patcher.

2. For new players, the client has been updated.


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