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1. Talk to Ingrata A.



1.  Upgrade Part - Plate 15111.png / Supplement Part - STR 15110.png

  • 3 999 999 zeny for armor


1.1. Upgrade Pile Bunker :

Pile Bunker 1549.png + 300 Dented Iron Plate 6751.png + 15 Broken Engine6750.png

  • S[1] 16030.png
  • P 16031.png
  • T[1]16032.png




2. Talk to Ingrata M.


- Exchange 10 x  Charleston Components charleston component.png for others items.  ( 10 = 1 )


Reinforced parts:

  • Upgrade Part - Engine [1] 20733.png
  • Upgrade Part - Booster [1] 22044.png
  • Upgrade Part - Gun Barrel [1] 2996.png

Supplementary device:

  • Supplement Part Con/Vit [1] 20732.png
  • Supplement Part Agi [1] 22043.png
  • Supplement Part Dex [1]2995.png




3. Excellion Set

Unlike other Verus equipment, these can be used by every job and have a level requirement of 99 to equip. They are highly customizable by using reactor blueprints to enchant each piece.

PLUTO_0  will speak only if there is a resource in the inventory 1 x large iron scrap.png or 1 x old fuel tank.png

PLUTO_09 will make Excellion gears and produce blueprints blueprint.png(enchants). For 10 x Large Iron Scraps large iron scrap.png and 5 x Old Fuel Tanks old fuel tank.png ,  will give one of Excellion Suit excellion suit.png or Excellion Wing excellion wing.png at random.

For 5 x Old Fuel Tanks old fuel tank.png will give you one random blueprints blueprint.png.





4. Craft Pile Bunker

Talk to Gomer on Yuno ( /navi yuno 179/174 )


Brocca 1415.png + 250 Steel 999.png + 30 Flexible Tube 7325.png = Pile Bunker 1549.png




5. Talk to Ingrata Ar.

Ingrata Ar.jpg


You can improve your armor and get a slot in the armor. You will need one of the armors:

Upgrade Part - Plate 15111.png +9 / Supplement Part - STR 15110.png+9 without enchant + 50 x Charleston Components charleston component.png( this number has been lowered in contrast to the official value associated with the number of players ).

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