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TRB Side Quests (100+ LvL)

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Quest Prerequisite(s): Invitation to Royal Banquet


1. Walther Sidequest: The Secret Letter.

- Talk to Isenhonor, he asks you to visit his manor in Alberta to find his Guardian Knight.


- Go to southwest Alberta, next to the Merchant Guild. Speak to Butler for the Walthers (alberta 48 30) and tells you the knight is near the docks.


- Talk to Guardian Knight (alberta 187 147) there. He asks you to visit bigfoot on prison.


- Visit the Royal Prontera Prison via the Banquet Hall room. Bigfoot (prt_pri00 55 119) is in the second jail cell. He asks you to give 1 x Green Salad green salad.png and 3 x Spicy Fried Bao Spicy Fried Bao.png ( Sara's Memory ).


- Return to Bigfoot with the food, and he will tell you about a Walther family member he spotted in Veins as well as his skills he's developed from pickpocketing.

- Find K who is Kain Walther Walker (veins 156 160). He will explain about the death of Isenarm by Isenhonor and his connection.


- Deliver the letter to Isenhonor Walther in the Walther's room, receive  10 x Honor Token honor token.png 5 000 000 Base exp + 2 500 000 Job exp.




2. Wigner Sidequest: The Maid and the Jewelry Box

- Talk to Levuiere Wigner

- Talk to Katrin Wigner and she says she lost something like a jewelery box. They believe it might have been taken by the maid.


- Talk to Maid (prt_cas 322 216 Kitchen) is in the back of the room. She starts to become very defensive. If you help her clean the kitchen, she may remember if someone else was in the room.


- Walk up to the corner of the room and the sponge will come alive! Or click the Dark and Damp Wall which is right on the basket of bread on the right.


It says you also need 1 x Holy Water(craft) holy water.png and 1 x Mould Powder Mould Powder.png.


- After cleaning the mold, walk down to the cooking pots and the second sponge will come alive.


- Bring 1 x Orange orange.png and 1 x Alcohol alcohol.png to the Sticky Wall on the top cooking pot.


- Walk in front of the big fireplace to the left of the Maid.


The last sponge requires 1 x Lemon Lemon.png and 1 x Fine Sand fine sand.png.


- Talk to the Maid and she'll alludes to the furniture delivery person being the one who took the jewelry box.

- Find Furniture Deliveryman (prontera 68 68) in the southwest corner of Prontera. He becomes worried then defensive that you're suspecting him. After a long hard day moving furniture, he's become hungry and wants 3 x Beef Head beef head.png. After you bring him the items, he will mention that the Guards checked him when he left the castle.


- Return to Jurgen Wigner in the castle and tell him the way people have perceived Katrin.

- Katrin storms off and Isaac and Jurgen decide that she would like 1 x Witherless Rose Witherless Rose.png and 10 x Sea Stones sea stone.png ( dropped by Medusa beach_dun only if the quest is taken).

- Talk to Jurgen Wigner, receive  10 x Honor Token honor token.png 5 000 000 Base exp + 2 500 000 Job exp.




3. Geoborg Sidequest:

- Talk to the blonde Bodyguard Jared (prt_cas_q 85 127) at the Geoborg residence.


- Speak to Scarlet Jaha (prt_cas 73 244) near a flower setting at the left side of the banquet hall, at the bottom of the stairs.


- Then talk to Lidion Geoborg (prt_cas 82 240) at the foot of the stairs to find out how little he actually knows about the family and Prince Ernst stepping down.


- Speak to Scarlet Jaha again and she wants you to find Prince Ernst.

- Walk on the following spots (must be in order):

  • prt_cas 77 257
  • prt_cas 87 235
  • prt_cas 110 240
  • prt_cas 108 221
  • prt_cas 90 223
  • prt_Cas 77 221
  • prt_cas 90 229

- Return to Scarlet Jaha, receive  10 x Honor Token honor token.png 3 500 000 Base exp + 3 500 000 Job exp.




4. Rougenbourg Sidequest: Wolf and Isaac's Dealings

- During the conversation with Wolf Roegenburg, he asked the adventurer for a favor to collect an item from Isaac Wigner on his behalf.


- Isaac Wigner tells you that Wolf must really trust you and gives you Sample of New Project Item to give to Wolf.


- Give Wolf Roegenburg (prt_cas_q 96 186) the project item, and he tells you that the box is password protected. The password is 1618. Once you unlock the box, you pass along the message about the rumors going around Prontera. You're asked to investigate more by asking young children in Prontera.

- Talk to the 3 Kiddos (prontera 267 69) in South-East of Prontera. They want compensation for telling you the story:


- Travel to the library by walking through the portal in the southeast corner of the Banquet Hall and speak with Uptight Librarian by the stairs. She asks for your library card, but since you are the Adventurer, she will give you the book. She asks questions about the banquet:




- Return to the Kiddos in southeast Prontera. The rumor is below. The Roegenburg family had a mysterious murdering of four children.

- Returning to Wolf Roegenburg (prt_cas_q 96 186) in the Castle, you tell the family a softer version of the story. Myer Roegenburg admits to having spread the rumor himself, due to everyone having different agendas and viewpoints. It seems the rumor is mostly true.

- The family argues amongst themselves, and Wolf Roegenburg then gives you Top Secret Document to give to Isaac Wigner.


- Isaac Wigner (prt_cas_q 94, 7) reads the document aloud; Wolf is going to shift his business away from war. Isaac respects his decision.

- Return to Wolf Roegenburg and he decides to pursue his business. Maximilian will then tell you the true story. The parents of the four children gave birth to Agnes and went to a neighboring country. Monsters attacked them, and they were blocked from bringing soldiers across country lines.

- At the end of the story, Maximilian Roegenburg (prt_cas_q 90 187) wants you to bring back Helmut who is near the border with Schwaltzvalt.

- He gives you Prontera Badge which will instantly transport you to Prontera.


- Find Helmut Roegenburg (yuno_fild01 242 175) and his soldiers one map north of Al De Baran by the water. He has given up the unification war and instead of working on defending the people. Helmut asks you to tell Wolf Roegenburg that he will transfer his heirship to him.


- Return to Maximilian Roegenburg and relay Helmut's message. Wolf then wants you to deliver a message to Myer.

- Ask the Kiddos in Prontera where you can find Myer. He appears and you tell him the message.


- Tell Maximilian Roegenburg that Myer will visit after the banquet,  receive  10 x Honor Token honor token.png 5 000 000 Base exp + 2 500 000 Job exp.


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