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[GM] Razgrom

TRB Daily Quests (100+ LvL)

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Quest Prerequisite(s): Invitation to Royal Banquet


1. The Love Story.

1.1 Speak with Jurgen Wigner and she will ask you to deliver a message to the Maid.


1.2 Find Maid in the Kitchen.


1.3 Then go back to Jurgen Wigner, and he will ask you to hunt 15 x Sea Stones sea stone.png ( dropped by Medusa beach_dun only if the quest is taken) and 1 x Witherless Rose Witherless Rose.png.

1.4 After you gather those items, bring them to the Maid.

1.5 The maid will turn Jurgen down, and you need to speak with Jurgen, he will reward you with 4 x Honor Token honor token.png  1 000 000 Base exp + 1 000 000 Job exp.


2. Jewel and Cloth

2.1 Speak to Agnes inside the Rougenbourg residence.


2.2 She asks you to get her some jewels and feathers:

2.3 Return to Agnes with requested item to get 4 x Honor Token honor token.png  1 000 000 Base exp + 1 000 000 Job exp and access to the The Dress daily quest.

Note! Everyday, she will ask for some items:

case 1: 5 x Fancy Fairy Wing6557.png

case 2: 15 x Soft silk 7166.png30 x Red Herb 507.png/ 10 x White Herb509.png

case 3: 5 x Beautiful Flower 6511.png 5 x Mysterious Flower 6509.png/ 5 x Elegant Flower6510.png

case 4: 20 x Piece of Black Cloth7205.png

case 5: 20 x Burning Hair7122.png

case 6: 5 x Star Dust1001.png


3. Hope You Cannot Let Go

3.1 Speak to Friedrich S. Heine in Heine Family Room. He will ask you to kill Bijou in Room of Consciousness instance.


3.2 Return to Friedrich S. Heine for 10 x Honor Token honor token.png  2 000 000 Base exp + 2 000 000 Job exp reward.

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