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[GM] Razgrom

Nightmarish Jitterbug (120+ LvL)

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1. Lets go to Eden Group.

Nightmarish Jitterbug1.jpg

2. To start this quest, go through the decorated blue door in Eden Group Headquarters and enter the room at the left side of the corridor.

Nightmarish Jitterbug2.jpg

3. Talk to Roel

Nightmarish Jitterbug3.jpg

4. Talk to Runane to create and join the instance.

Nightmarish Jitterbug4.jpg

5. Once inside, the party leader will need to talk to a NPC in each room to advance to the next one.

If you've already done the instance, choosing the Hurry option will skip the dialogues and use the answers you picked from your previous run.

6. Talk to Newoz and a portal will appear on right wall. This instance is really straight forward. You need to go through 23 rooms (1st room and 23rd room are non-combat room). You need to clear all mobs in every room, then a NPC will appear. Talk to them and new portal advancing to the next room will be opened. There will be battle against Jitterbugs at room 9, 14, 17 and 20. And final boss, Awakened Ferre at room 22. Nightmarish Jitterbug5.jpg

7. In some rooms, when you talk to NPC, you will be given options. These options will affect the boss encounter in the next room. 

If you choose the correct answer, then there is an additional Jitterbug.

Nightmarish Jitterbug7.jpg

Room 8

Nightmarish Jitterbug6.jpg

Room 13

Nightmarish Jitterbug8.jpg

Room 16

Nightmarish Jitterbug9.jpg

Room 19

Nightmarish Jitterbug10.jpg

Room 20

Nightmarish Jitterbug11.jpg

8.  At the last room talk to Newoz before leaving and an exit portal will appear.

9. If you talk to Mingmin, she will trade 50 Tooth Of Jitterbug  6719.png for a random piece of equipment or other item:

Nightmarish Jitterbug12.jpg

18123.pngBow Of Storm [1]

18122.pngGigantic Bow [1]

2990.pngPendant Of Harmony

2991.pngPendant Of Chaos

JtujgmLPutphw+P7ejEEY3fIhBcFvMf6tJG05TB4 Floral Bracelet Of Aigu [1]

 2988.pngHero Ring Of Newoz [1]

1990.png Floral Mic Of Aigu [2]

 1935.png Ukulele Of Newoz [2]

15100.png  Frozen Breastplate [1]

 15101.pngHarden Breastplate [1]


9.1 You can also ask Mingmin to combine Pendant of Harmony and Pendant of Chaos to receive a Pendant of Maelstrom.

2992.pngPendant Of Maelstorm [1]

Nightmarish Jitterbug13.jpg

10. Talk to Roel and Runane again. Receive 7 500 000 Base Exp + 2 500 000 Job Exp.



Ferre 1

Ferre 2

Ferre 3

Ferre 4


Awakened Ferre (MVP)

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