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[GM] Razgrom

TRB Ruined Prontera Daily Quest (140+ LvL)

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Quest Prerequisite(s): Invitation to Royal Banquet


1. Go through step 2-4 The Room of Consciousness Instance.

2. Go to the hallway west of the room and follow the path. Go out the portal.


3. Talk to Chief Guard Spiegel. He will assign you to find some individuals and escort them to safety. The first location will be marked on your mini map. Follow the location. You'll see shadows on the ground where the NPC will pop up. Go near them to to trigger the events. There are 4 possible NPCs you have to escort.

4. Return to Chief Guard Spiegel and he will reward you 4 000 000 Base exp + 1 250 000 Job exp + 4 x Proof of Honor 6919.png



Case 1


Case 2


Case 3


Case 4


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