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[GM] Razgrom

Mechanic PVE

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Welcome! You can build the following builds on our server.

Это информация с  нашего тест сервера, следовательно Вам уже нужно будет определить, какой билд или гибрид Вы собрались себе построить.

! По мере поступления обновлений и информации, будем обновлять описание.



Universal Build

Most skills can be enchanted.


V.1 - without use Mado Gear.

Weapon DPS: Crimson 28106.jpg/ Infinity Axe28105.png ( +Ranged chant for Axe Boomerang) ---> Vicious mind Axe28107.png ---> Tornado Axe28101.png


Note !

Verus Sets / Weapons - Verus Equipment

Temporal Boots ( Fighting enchant + epic 'Bear's Power ' ) - Old Glast

Pendant of Maelstorm - Nightmarish Jitterbug

Infinity weapons (use only with 'Ranged' enchant) - Infinite Space

Vicious Mind - Sky Fortress


Equipments cards:

Headgears cards:  Vanberk card /  Dark lord Essense(STR 1-3)  / Dark Pinguicula Card / Kiel-D-01 (MVP) / Cruel Coelacanth Card (MVP)

Weapon cards: Step Card (AB) / Lock Step card (AC)/ Race / Hunter Fly / Memory of Thanatos Card  (MVP)Turtle General Card  (MVP) / Drake  (MVP)

Armor cards: Porcellio Card / Element protection / Amdarais Card (MVP)

Garment cards:  Aliot Card / Giant Whisper Card / Wakwak Card / Rockridge Cramp Card / Menblatt Card (long range)

Footgear cards:  Firelock soldier Card / Vicious Cookie Card

Accessory cards: Mantis card / Dark lord Essense(STR 1-3)  / Gold Scaraba card / Cowraiders Class 2 Card

Shield: Gaster card / Executioner Card / Ogretooth Card / Mysteltainn Card / Alice Card (for bosses). Сan be used against other races, depending on need. Выбираете сами под нужную расу.


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