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[GM] Razgrom

Patch 2.1

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Greetings to all adventurers!

Recent developments can be found here.


What to expect on this weekend:

1) New dungeon Ancient Odin (180+) will be implemented, click


2. New Mado Gear Suit + New Cart (We solved them faster than episode 17.2)


3. Reinforced MVP at the event, now it will be a really dangerous monster.

4. Warper will expand, new town: Rock Ridge, Verus (quest), Special Border Area Cor (quest).

5. Vending will be limited in cities, now all trade is in the new zone.

6. Fix Convex Mirror for 2+ MVP

7. New costumes have been added to bosses, click


Work in progress:

1. Ein_dun03

2. Rebalance of all classes #4

3. Final update of 3 classes.

4. Technical work to improve the site and UI.

5. Ep 17.2

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