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[GM] Razgrom

Patch 1.5 New Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria

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Greetings to all adventurers!

On July 24 at 20-00 in the evening the server will be turned off and will be updated.

We've finished work on Episode 16.2.
This is one more time for us to remember everything and prepare for the big updates, but for you guys, this is new content that won't let you get bored.
Now let's go through the episode:

1) Two new classes have been introduced to the game. We tried to make quests similar to the original KRO.
You can see it here Star Emperor and here Soul Reaper

2) New mechanics have been developed for the updated episodes. You can see a complete description of the skills in the game.


3) New cards, equipment:

Heart Hunter Ebel (MVP):  

Sealed Evil Sword [2] 13461.png

Sealed Maximum Sword [2]13462.png

Sealed Magic Sword [2]13460.png


Pet child (MVP)

Ultralight Magic Shield [1]  28913.png


Venomous Chimera (MVP)

Poison Forged Spear [3] 1447.png


YSF01 Seyren (MVP)

YSF01 Plate [1]15212.png

YSF01 Greaves [1]22141.png

YSF01 Manteau [1]  20856.png


Rebel Weapons:

Heart Hunter Guard

Upgraded Heart Hunter



4) New quests line and equipment + enchanted


5) Preparation for new instances, more information coming soon.


In the near future, what are we planning to do:

1) Since most of us liked the Lore-quests system of our server, we will continue to develop it. Soon, you will see new quests, new instances.

2) New events:

- The first event will involve killing a new boss YSF01 Seyren  (MVP). We have 3 prizes! You need to kill the boss and post to this thread.

1) 500 Сredits in your personal account.

2) 450 Сredits in your personal account.

3) 400 Сredits in your personal account.

- The players events will take place on the 26th July, at 21-00 pm (UTC + 3). You can take a look here events.

3) WoE:
Of course, the flow of players is small. Many players are unaware of the server. We'll have an impact on this soon.
Now the main task is to gather 15-20 people and then we will start WoE in auto mode.


What does the future hold for you?

We will work on the stability of our project. New episodes, interesting updates are ahead. Thank you for staying with us!

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