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[GM] Smiggoro

List of instances and dungeons

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Episode 12Sealed Shrine Quest (75+ LvL, 12h cd)Endless Tower 

Episode 13.1/13.2Nidhoggur's Nest (3d cooldown period) (70+LvL)

Episode 14.1Hazy Forest (99+ LvL)

Episode 14.3Nightmarish Jitterbug (120+ LvL)Isle of Bios (23h) (160+ LvL)Morse's Cave (160+ LvL)Temple of Demon God (160+ LvL)

Episode 15.1 / 15.2Charleston Crisis Instance (130+)Central Laboratory Instance (135+ Lvl)Last Room Instance (23h)(150Lvl)

Episode 16.1The Room of Consciousness InstanceSky Fortress Instance(145+ Lvl, 3d cd)

Episode 16.2TG Daily Central Room Instance.TG Daily Heart Hunter War Base Instance

Episode 17.1Cor Mission (Instances)(24h cd)(110+ Lvl)Os Mission ( Instances)(24h cd)(110+ Lvl)

Episode 17.2Hey, Sweety! (Instances)(24h cd)(130+ Lvl)Lost Farm of Time (Instances)(24h cd)(130+ Lvl)(Party+)Secret flower garden(Instances)(24h cd)(130/180 Lvl) Water Garden (Instances)(24h cd)(130/180 Lvl)

Hero's Trail

Wolfchev's Laborator

Geffen Magic Tournament Part 2 (90+ LvL)

Sara's Memory Part 1 (99+ LvL)

Ghost Palace Part 2 (120+ LvL)

Assault on Airship Part 3 (125+ LvL)

Devil's Tower Part 2 (130+ Lv).

Faceworm's Nest Part 1 (140+ Lvl)

Sarah and Fenrir Part 3 (145+ LvL)


Additional Instances+Octopus Cave Infinite Space (80+ Lvl, 12h cd) Malangdo Culvert (90-140+ (Hard) LvL)Bangungot Hospital (100+ LvL)Buwaya Cave (130+ LvL) Old Glast Heim (130+ LvL) Bakonawa Lake (140+ LvL) Horror Toy Factory (140+ LvL) Clock Tower Nightmare (150+ LvL)Old Glast Heim Hard (160+ LvL)

DungeonsThe bed of Honor / Nightmare Bio5

Abyss Glast Heim (175+ lvl)Nogg Road F3 (175+ lvl)Ancient Odin Temple (180+ Lvl)Einbech Dungeon 3 (180+ Lvl)Abyss Lake Underground Cave F4 (190+ LvL)




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